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The practice of assigning information-related business tasks to contractors is known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). These contractors are often independent contractors who have a deep understanding of a particular field. This makes them more equipped to comprehend and use the gathered data. Businesses today need KPO services. It is focused on data, which is...

5 Benefits of Temporary Work

BUZZING BPOs Whether it’s classic Fortune 500s or nascent startups, BPO services have become vital for them all. BPO services give companies access to a pool of qualified experts for certain business processes. A venture may not be able to handle all of its business internally at all times. In addition, some business processes in...


  CURATIVE BPO SERVICES In the modern medical industry, multiple healthcare professionals need to work together to treat the same patient. This assumes that medical staff should have regular and always accessible access to the latest information. Improving call center policies and implementing an effective healthcare CRM platform will improve workplace communication and create a...

Vizva Consultancy Services is a leading consulting company having all-round expertise in Staffing and Recruitment, Medical billing for healthcare sector, B.P.O & K.P.O services and Web development. Vizva adheres for perfection and promises nothing but complete satisfaction to their clients by prioritising their needs and serve them nothing but the best.

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