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In the modern medical industry, multiple healthcare professionals need to work together to treat the same patient. This assumes that medical staff should have regular and always accessible access to the latest information. Improving call center policies and implementing an effective healthcare CRM platform will improve workplace communication and create a healthier work environment.

In medical management, growth comes from optimistic and worthwhile patient experiences.

Patients are just people who need successful communication from their healthcare providers at every phase of their medical cruise. When ethical marketing calls a prospect and persuades them to call your clinic, the staff on the other side of the phone needs to be willing to set the person on a positive path.

Progressively more healthcare providers are choosing to outsource some of their work to HIPAA-compliant healthcare call centers. Healthcare providers are now adopting a values-based approach that focuses on patient care and well-being.

Value-based care drives hospitals and healthcare providers to reach more financial goals — and improving the patient’s experience is an important factor. Providers who lose patients due to poor customer service or poor doctor referral process experience a direct loss of revenue and ultimately negatively impact their revenue.

Why healthcare call centers are a need of the hour?

  • Enhances patient engagement:

It may be perturbing to think of healthcare and patients in the sense of business and trade but the nature of hospital transactions follows the same principles that drive the success of traditional retail and commercial organizations, including customer services.

The Internet and smartphones are emerging as new and popular communication channels, providing healthcare services and live agent access via telephone services. This is one of the most favored channels for patients seeking immediate help. In addition, healthcare call center providers will continue to adapt to other channels thus satisfying patients and adding value to hospitals.

  • Upgrades patient satisfaction:

If you have only one phone line to access your target customer base, you can’t expect satisfactory customer service. Slow and over-automated telephone lines can undermine the hospital’s brand. Most people arriving at the hospital find that they take too long to contact the agent and hang up with frustration because they couldn’t talk to the real person.

Therefore, you need to provide a real, personalized, and reliable healthcare customer service representative on the phone. They must be able to provide patients with quick and accurate personal care over the phone. This approach helps reduce call disconnects and leads to better brand recommendations.

  • Boosts patient management:

Like any other relationship, that between a patient and a healthcare provider also depends on communication. To focus on patient well-being, healthcare providers must prioritize patient communication and follow-up care.

Today, as patients’ mindsets change, healthcare providers must strive to provide a superior patient experience in all interactions. However, as the volume of interaction increases and expectations change, it is difficult to do this at the in-house patient help desk. Therefore, providers can ensure patient satisfaction in most interactions only by improving patient communication through patient communication specialists.

What we promise to deliver…

Choosing a healthcare call center outsourcing service or an online response service for healthcare professionals can save you a lot of money in the long run, as customer trust and word-of-mouth play a key role in increasing business exposure. Being part of a healthcare call center outsourcing service, we offer the following solutions:

  • Insurance verification

Whether it’s patient portfolio validation, pre-approval, or eligibility validation, we offer a one-stop solution for all health insurance needs. This service guarantees reduced financial risk for hospitals and patients. It ensures smooth management of management functions without taking your eyes off patient care and hospital functions.

  • Doctor referral service.

We maintain a detailed database of general practitioners and specialists who can be contacted through our referral service for information on medical services. Our expert team will assign you to a professional doctor by booking and also assist you in the medical examination procedure.

  • Medical insurance claim management

To ensure a clean billing ratio, implement automation in your billing management system to analyze and manage billing in a single path. You can eliminate bottlenecks in your revenue stream by automating certain manual accounts receivable management features. This service eliminates the risk of denial of inaccurate or incomplete damage document claims and default payments.

  • Appointment Scheduling Service

If you are engaged in practice, we can help you manage patient contacts efficiently through booking scheduling services. With this service, you don’t have to process your booking to focus on your practice. Reservation services help dramatically reduce no-shows and track patient influx.

  • Post-Care Communication:

Post-care communication is essential for establishing long-term patient-business relationships. When a patient is discharged from a hospital or medical facility, the healthcare provider must be regularly informed about the patient’s health and recovery. A HIPAA-compliant healthcare call center with outbound capabilities for such patient communication is available. Professional services from this healthcare BPOs can ensure a better patient-provider relationship and a better patient experience.

  • Billing period and revenue recovery

By choosing a revenue recovery service, you can skip high depreciation and improve your cash flow. We track the money you are owed for consultations, screenings, tests, and other medical services. We regularly send reminders to patients and insurance companies asking them to pay their unpaid fees.

  • Around-the-clock operation

For medical service centers, patients must have access to them 24/7. We can assist in handling a patient’s phone by handling the patient’s requirements/requests via phone, email, or online chat and addressing the patient’s concerns professionally. Our services can also be customized to suit your needs and goals. This can greatly improve customer satisfaction and give them a sense of security.

Unlike traditional healthcare call center service providers, we are 100% HIPAA compliant and do not compromise patient privacy. The team also reviews and validates the quality of the response to ensure that the qualities are always met.

Vizva Consultancy Services leverages its years of extensive experience in healthcare BPO services to support businesses in many industries across a variety of sub-services. Our powerful medical response services can make a big difference in your medical practice by bringing maximum satisfaction to your patients through quality treatment and a better experience.

We offer a variety of call center services, including medical call center services that handle the typical customer service aspects of healthcare providers. If you need a well-equipped and reasonably priced call center service to meet the business challenges your venture face, you’ve come to the right place.

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