Knowledge process outsourcing

Is your venture achieving its full potential?

Given today’s highly competitive market scenarios, many global companies and organizations are choosing to focus on their core businesses and outsource all other non-core activities. This has the benefit of minimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and shifting focus to the company’s key growth areas. Outsourcing knowledge-based services to India offers significant benefits to enterprises as they gain access to domain-based processes and advanced analytical skills as well as process expertise.

Customer support and technical troubleshooting alone are not enough. Your company now needs experienced and learned partners to help and harness the benefits efficiently. Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO services cover a variety of core activities with specialized and technical work. Financial research, business research, analysis, marketing services, design, and animation are a few services to name.

A large number of Indian companies are looking towards expanding their operations by setting up delivery centers across the globe. Indian players are targeting regions such as China, Latin America, and Eastern Europe to set up new offshore locations. India offers all the prerequisites necessary to execute KPO services, be it proactive government policies or a large talent pool of engineers, MBAs, and PhDs. India has managed to replicate its success in IT outsourcing in the KPO industry as well.

The gradual shift from BPO to KPO in some offshore countries is expected to change the dynamics of the work outsourced. Evalueserve predicts that several KPO opportunities are likely to be created.


Vizva Consultancy Services at its core comprises skilled labor and subject expertise with a lower cost opportunity. VCS is a leading outsourcing company with extensive experience in providing KPO services to companies around the world. The excellence of certain skills, such as advanced analytical and research skills, and their reliance on jobs that require a high degree of expertise in the subject are significant compared to their impact on the company’s value chain in the market.

Our KPO division offers bespoke services covering a wide range of industries. All of our services are cost-effective, achieve significant cost savings, and help you focus on your core competencies. We also understand that KPO services are highly sensitive and classified work processes, which require a different kind of workspace to foster creativity and intelligence and provide additional value creation to support your dynamic venture concepts.

Therefore, We at Vizva Consultancy Services provide customized KPO services based on specific business needs. Our cost-effective service, on-time delivery, and guaranteed quality allow your business to make informed business decisions and stand out from the competition.

Key benefits of partnering with us 🙂

At Vizva Consultancy Services, we are committed to producing meaningful results around the world. We are building a high-performance and results-oriented culture, empowered by its diverse perspectives and global footprint. Cost arbitrage is the main factor behind our outsourcing services. Outsourcing/offshoring knowledge-intensive work can achieve cost savings of 40-70%.

As outlined earlier, KPO services focus on processes of high complexity, so highly qualified professionals with strong academic background and solid experience in a particular discipline, technology, industry, or specialty are required. This factor places India in a favorable position as it has a large educational ecosystem, which helps in creating a substantial base of professionals thus it is never a challenge for us to access the global talent pool and find a suitable service provider for your firm.

We realize the challenge firms face when providing their companies’ classified data and information for outsourcing. Vizva Consultancy Services not only has access to subject matter experts but also provides extensive support to properly address and resolve these challenges through inter-organizational network systems. India is a cheaper economy in this regard than Europe, the United States, or Canada, so these highly skilled resources and professionals can be acquired and retained at much lower labor costs than the above locations.

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