Business process outsourcing

Vizva BPO is a trusted and competent BPO service provider in India, you can count on to deliver. Our specialized, end-to-end BPO solutions address the most complex of your business challenges, giving you a competitive edge.

Our Services

Outsourcing and Procurement Services

Today, procurement organizations need to be more digital, predict the future more accurately, and empower their teams. Our procurement consulting is useful not only for payments from sources, but also for procurement analysis as a service.

Talent evolution services

Digital turmoil inevitably leads to change management and reinventing the human resources. Learn how VCS HR integrates talent acquisition, development and strategy to reinvent the way teams work.

Improving Patient Outcomes

We provide intelligent healthcare services that improve patient outcomes, manage costs, and increase consumer and provider involvement.

Marketing modification

Providing a meaningful customer experience is a new battlefield for brands. Today’s marketers are expected to deliver the right customer experience at the right time for every interaction. We at VCS provide such leading marketing talent with digital innovation.

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Knowledge process outsourcing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is the process of outsourcing knowledge intensive activities that are data driven and encompass the process of gathering, managing, analysing and delivering objective insights into businesses.

Key benefits of partnering with us 🙂

At Vizva Consultancy Services, we are committed to producing meaningful results around the world. We are building a high-performance and results-oriented culture, empowered by its diverse perspectives and global footprint. Cost arbitrage is the main factor behind our outsourcing services. Outsourcing/offshoring knowledge-intensive work can achieve cost savings of 40-70%.

As outlined earlier, KPO services focus on processes of high complexity, so highly qualified professionals with strong academic background and solid experience in a particular discipline, technology, industry, or specialty are required. This factor places India in a favorable position as it has a large educational ecosystem, which helps in creating a substantial base of professionals thus it is never a challenge for us to access the global talent pool and find a suitable service provider for your firm.

We realize the challenge firms face when providing their companies’ classified data and information for outsourcing. Vizva Consultancy Services not only has access to subject matter experts but also provides extensive support to properly address and resolve these challenges through inter-organizational network systems. India is a cheaper economy in this regard than Europe, the United States, or Canada, so these highly skilled resources and professionals can be acquired and retained at much lower labor costs than the above locations.

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Vizva Consultancy Services is a leading consulting company having all-round expertise in Staffing and Recruitment, Medical billing for healthcare sector, B.P.O & K.P.O services and Web development. Vizva adheres for perfection and promises nothing but complete satisfaction to their clients by prioritising their needs and serve them nothing but the best.

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