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Custom Web Application
Development Services

Front-end Development

  • User-centered software design
  • Accelerated Mobile/Web Pages
  • Mobile-First/Api-First approach
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Motion UI & JS animations
  • Modular UI design & development

Back-end Development

  • Microservice and Monolithic architecture
  • Container based architecture (Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Best practices ( SOLID, DI, TDD, 12Factor App)
  • Data engineering and Data Science
  • IoT product architecture

DevOps And Cloud Infrastructure

  • Cloud Solutions (AWS, Google, Azure, DigitalOcean, Alibaba)
  • Multi Cloud/Cloud agnostic approach
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • CI/CD configuration
  • Disaster Recovery automation
  • Log aggregation and analysis

Web Development
Technologies We Use

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Vizva Consultancy Services is a leading consulting company having all-round expertise in Staffing and Recruitment, Medical billing for healthcare sector, B.P.O & K.P.O services and Web development. Vizva adheres for perfection and promises nothing but complete satisfaction to their clients by prioritising their needs and serve them nothing but the best.

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