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Our vision aligns well with the current demands of the job industry and the importance of strong partnerships. By focusing on excellence and relationships, Vizva Inc. is poised to make a positive impact on the job market while nurturing the careers of numerous candidates.

Career Counseling

Improvement of workplace efficiency, productivity, communication & employee morale.

Resume Optimization

The process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team.

Technical Training

The process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team.

Marketing and Interview Scheduling

Complex and ever changing, keeping up to date can be a time consuming task.

Pathway to our Success: Joining Vizva Consultancy to Achieve Job Satisfaction in the United States

Setting a goal to cater to more than 550 candidates in various positions this year showcases our ambition and growth-oriented mindset. The achievement of successfully placing over 300 candidates in high-paying jobs within the past two year is a testament to your team’s expertise and dedication. As we continue to expand our services, remember to maintain the quality and personalized attention that have contributed to our success thus far.

Why Trust Vizva Consultancy to be your employment guide?

At Vizva Consultancy, our expertise lies in delivering individualized employment guidance that is perfectly tailored to your unique needs. Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals is here to expertly navigate the intricate job market on your behalf. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to empower you in your job search journey.

Our profile marketing strategies are designed to make you stand out in today’s competitive job landscape. We equip you with the skills necessary to excel in your desired role through targeted technical training sessions. Our career counseling sessions provide valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions about your professional trajectory. Through meticulous resume optimization, we ensure that your qualifications and achievements are showcased in the best possible light, capturing the attention of prospective employers.  Our commitment to quality extends to background verification, ensuring that your professional history is represented accurately and transparently.  Navigating documentation processes can be complex, but with Vizva Consultancy by your side, you can proceed with confidence. We assist you in streamlining these procedures, making your journey towards your dream job smoother and more efficient.

At Vizva Consultancy, we understand that each individual’s journey is unique. That’s why our approach is personal, thorough, and designed to yield results. Your success is our priority, and our services are crafted to provide you with the competitive edge needed to excel in today’s dynamic job market.

Our list of services does not end here.  We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

Our list of services does not end here.  We’ll adapt to your particular needs.


Helping to Create Engaging, and Profitable Organizations.


Corporate Ethics

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We act in integrity and honesty in all our relations with the employees and stakeholders.


Manpower Hacks

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We strive to provide superior customer service and ensure that every client is completely satisfied with work.


Team Building Advice

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We are committed to deliver outstanding, cutting edge HR solutions that add real value.


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"Save time on job hunting and focus on what's important. Working together, we'll expedite your job search."


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